Eddystone 730/4

730/4 / ZA51262 Eddystone Communications Receiver

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General Description

This receiver is a standard commercial Eddystone 730/4 receiver. With an additional nameplate it became the British Army Type ZA 51262.

The manual is dated October 1957.

Technical Data

The receiver is a 15 valve superhet, having 2 RF stages.

It uses 7 and 9 pin miniature valves throughout, apart from the rectifier and voltage regulator, which are octal. Plate

The set is designed to work off mains power or batteries.

Sensitivity is given as AM better than 5uv, CW better than 2uv at 15db S/N at 50 mw output power.

Power output at 1 watt into 2.5 ohms gives typically 18% distortion.

Cathode follower output is at 68 ohms.

There are 5 tuning ranges as follows:

Range 112.3 - 30 MHz
Range 25.3 - 12.5 MHz
Range 32.8 - 5.3 MHz
Range 41.1 - 2.5 MHz
Range 50.43 - 1.1 MHz

The intermediate frequency is 450kc/s.

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