C17020 Amenities Receiver

C17020 Army Amenities Receiver

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General Description

The AWA built C17020 is a five valve, 6 volt battery operated superheterodyne, with a frequency coverage of 550-1650Kc/s and 6-18Mc/s.

The set was designed for service conditions, particularly for tropical use, being tropic proofed and housed in a waterproof metal case. Silica gel desiccators were fitted internally to absorb moisture and it was furnished with a 6v 130ah wet cell battery.

It was introduced in 1945 and its prime use was the entertainment of off duty troops.

The valves used are: 1M5 RF Amplifier, 1C7G Converter, 1M5G IF Amplifier, 1K7G Detector AVC AF Amplifier, 1L5G Output

The IF frequency is 455 kc.

Detailed illustrations of the receiver are shown on a separate page.

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