CSR5 Receiver

Canadian Marconi CSR-5A Communication Receiver

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General Description

This receiver was described by the Canadian Marconi Company as a high grade instrument especially designed to provide the maximum reliability for fixed and mobile station operation.

It was designed to provide maximum sensitivity and stability under the most severe conditions of operation, such as vibration and high humidity.

The frequency ranges covered are in 2 groups - 79 to 518 kc and 1.5 - 30 mcs.

The ranges are covered in 6 colour coded bands, the dial assembly being reminiscent of the Marconi R1155 aircraft receiver.

Technical Data

The receiver features 2 RF stages, a crystal filter, front panel provision for crystal controlling the receive frequency, temperature and voltage stabilization, RF and AF volume controls, panel mounted noise limiter, panoramic output and exceptionally low local oscillator radiation from the antenna for use in marine service in hazardous locations.

A choice of 2 external power supplies were available, the VP3 for 12vdc/115/230vac operation or the WE-11 for 115/230vac.

The audio output impedance was 500 ohms for line applications, 10,000 ohms for loudspeaker output as well as hi/low resistance headphone outputs.

The receiver weighs 58lbs in the rack mounted model, 68lbs when cabinet mounted.

ID label

V16SK71st RF Amplifier
V26SG72nd RF Amplifier
V36K8Mixer Xtal Oscillator
V46SG71st IF Amp (IF is 575 khz)
V56SK72nd IF Amp
V66B8Diode Detector/AF Amp
V76H6Noise Limiter/AVC Rect
V89002HF Oscillator
V10V R150/30Voltage Regulator
V116F6Audio Output

The antenna input impedances were between 50 and 500 ohms.

Illustrations of the set

CSR5 Top view CSR5 bottom

CSR5 Dial

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