FU G-16 E-16 Receiver

E-16 Front E-16 Side E-16 Top
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The pictures above show the Front, Side and Top views of the set

General Description

The E-16 was part of the FU G-16 transceiver used in the Heinkel He 111. This set was used for VHF communication over the frequency range 38 - 42 MHz.

These units were manufactured by Lorenz A.B. in 1942. The construction represents the peak of quality production. Examples manufactured after this date show a severe drop in component quality and overall standard. The unit is constructed on a die-cast aluminium sub-chassis. The dial is accurately calibrated and set up for rapid 4 channel click-stop frequency selection.

These receivers were similar to the Lorenz EBL2 beam receiver, which was used with "Knickebein" to accurately locate targets over the United Kingdom.

E-16 Dial

Technical Data

The set was built using modular construction methods and the receiver featured the same valve type throughout to simplify replacement problems. The set uses 9 type RV12P2000 tubes and a neon stabilizer.

The set used an RF stage, 3 IF stages, detector, AGC and a single audio tube.

The set could be used with 12 or 24vdc filament strings. The HT was 210 volts at 35 ma. Filaments at 24v drew 375 ma.

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