Museum Building

How to get to the Museum

If you are driving to the museum from Sydney, see the map below and the following instructions.

Drive through Windsor and Richmond. When going over the North Richmond bridge, reset your trip counter - we are 8.42km from the North Richmond PO, (that's why our number is 842), follow Bell's Line of Road, you'll go through Kurmond - 60km speed limit - and pass the turn off for Kurrajong. You then go down hill (still 60km zone!!), eventually coming to the 80km zone.

When you get to the bottom of the hill you'll cross Little Wheeny Creek and then start ascending, passing the 2nd Old Bell's Line of Rd intersection on your left. The road then goes to 2 lanes up hill - Go into the fast lane, as you will be turning right into our driveway. You will see an earth bank running for 30 metres - our driveway entrance is immediately where the bank ends. (See picture above).

It is not feasible to visit the museum by public transport.

You can zoom in and out using the map +/- controls and drag the map with your mouse, while the arrows will move it in the direction indicated. The "View larger map" option will give you access to the full Google map facility including the Street view function where you can see a picture of the museum entrance.

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