MTR1 Transceiver

MTR1 Mk2 Transceiver

General Description

The MTR1 Mk2 was manufactured by Pye (Aust) for the Australian Army and was reputedly used by groups such as SAS (Special Air Services).

The set consists of a separate transmitter and receiver and is powered by a 12v dc (negative earth) power source. The unit was supplied complete with headphones, microphone, morse key and a long wire antenna.

The unit is mounted in a formed steel cabinet with a dome shaped fibre glass lid, which is used to store the accessories.

Technical Data

The receiver is all transistor and features an Eddystone log type dial. The frequency range 550kc - 30Mhz is covered in 4 bands.

Sensitivity is around 25 micro-volts for an audio output of 250 mw. Modes provided are cw and am. Transistors used are AF114N for Rf amp, mixer, oscillator, 2 x if amps and bfo, with an AC126 as audio pre-amp to a pair of AC128's as class B audio output.

The transmitter uses valves in the rf stages - osc and buffer are M8082, with a pair of QQVO3/10's in the output. The modulator is of solid state design. The RF output of the transmitter averages 20 watts.

The overall power consumption with full modulation is 6.5 amps, 1.1 amps on standby, 80ma receive only with no signal and with 750 mw audio output 200 ma.

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