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RA217 Communications Receiver

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General Description

The RA217 is a complex, solid state receiver of the Barlow Wadley type.

The set is of modular construction and has been designed for demanding military and commercial applications.

The set features a die-cast frame for maximum stability.

Technical Data

The frequency range is 1.00 to 30.00 mc/s. Modes of reception provided are DSB, MCW, CW and both Upper and Lower Sideband. The dial features a digital presentation with calibration to the nearest 1kc, with interpolation to the nearest 200 cs. The set exhibits +- 50cs drift over 8 hours after warmup.

Sensitivity is 1 microvolt on cw/ssb and 3 microvolts for MCW/DSB, both at 15db signal to noise. There are 4 selectivity positions, 13, 3, 1 and 0.2 kc/s.

I.F. outputs are at 1.6, 0.1 (or) 0.455 mc/s.

The audio output is not designed for loudspeaker use. One output is 10mw at 600 ohms (headphones) and the other is at 1mw (line output).

There are 13 front panel operating controls. The rear of the set gives access to 16 external connection points. There are 16 major module assemblies in the set.

There are a number of alternate power supplies, the most common being 240v ac single phase. Power consumption is 7VA. The set supplied in cabinet mounting weighs 16 kg (18kg in rack mounting format). The set operates off 16 volts DC positive earth.

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