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SCR522 Test sets

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General Description

There are two test set groups for the SCR 522 (and the I2 volt equivalent SCR 542). They are the IE-36 and the IE-19. Each group consists of multiple parts to cover all possible tests.

Test equipment IE-36 reproduces the operating functions of the control boxes and jack boxes of these radio sets by providing headphone and microphone connections, thereby eliminating the control boxes and jack boxes as necessary in making trouble shooting tests and permitting such tests to be made at the point of installation of the transceiver.

The equipment comes in Chest CH-234, and includes:
    BC-1303  Control Unit
    I-139A      Test Meter 0-lma
    A-29         Phantom Antenna
    CD-1169 Audio Connector

A feature of the unit is the receiver "signal source", which is a buzzer which generates wideband noise for alignment purposes.

Chest 234 open

Technical Data

Test Equipment IE-19 is intended for use in aligning the channels in the transceiver. The components of this set are:
   I-130     Signal Generator 100-150 mc/s
   I-139     Test Meter
   BX-33   Battery Box
   I-95        Field Strength Meter

The signal generator I-130 is probably the most useful piece of equipment. It offers both crystal and a Hartley oscillator to cover the equipment range (100-156mc). RF output is variable to a maximum of 5000 microvolts. Modulation is at 1000 cycles.

The I-95 signal strength meter is an uncalibrated vacuum tube voltmeter designed to indicate relative signal strength and the frequency of the radiation from the antenna of the radio set.

This device can also be used to indicate modulation.

Illustrations of the set

Unit IE-19 Test set Chest 234 close up

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