TR1196 Transceiver

TR1196 HF Aircraft Transceiver

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General Description

The TR 1196 is a 4 channel HF Transmitter - Receiver produced for R.A.F use during WW2. It was produced in 4 different versions, TR1196/A/B/C. Units were produced in 12 and 24 volt versions. The B and C models were produced for Coastal Command and were modified to provide Channel "A" on 2.41 Mc/s. In this case, the 3 remaining channels were available in the standard frequency range of 4.3 - 6.7 Mc/s.

The sets were designed for remote control in aircraft and were somewhat limited in their usefulness after the war, when they were released in large numbers on the disposal market. Unfortunately, owing to the method of construction, they were not an easy set to modify for hobby use. Most were reduced to parts. There were a few published modifications for the receivers, but these were almost complete re-builds to enable them to be tuned using a dial.

Technical Data

TR1196 Plate
Modular construction was used, with a base chassis (types 15/16) which held the bandswitch mechanism, output transformer and all internal/external inter connections, a transmitter chassis (types 22/49), a receiver chassis (types 25/73) and power units 87 (24v), 104 (12v).

The sets were designed for AM and CW modes.

The receiver was a 5 valve superhet, requiring 275v at 35 ma for HT and 6.3v at 1.2A for the heater supply. The IF was 460 Kc/s. Crystals ran on their fundamental frequencies. Audio output was via headphones, via an output transformer, which had provision to match at 20k ohms, 600 ohms or 150 ohms. The output was designed for connecting headsets in parallel.

The transmitter was of 3 valve design, with a crystal controlled oscillator, an output tetrode and a modulator. The transmitter required 250v at 60 ma and 6.3v at 1.3a for the heaters.

The total overall power input for the set was 5a for 12v systems or 2.5a for 24v systems.

Channel changing was accomplished with the Controller, Electric Type 4, which is similar to the well known SCR522 unit. In multi seat aircraft the A1134 intercom amp was used to provide additional audio power.

Illustrations of the set

TR1196 Receiver TR1196 Transmitter

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