TS323 Freq Mtr

TS-323/UR Frequency Meter

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General Description

The TS-323/UR is a Heterodyne Frequency Meter and Crystal Calibrator operating in the frequency range 20-450 Mcs.

It is basically a VHF/UHF version of the more common BC-221.

Technical Data

It has an accuracy of 0.005% under fixed conditions at room temperature. Under service conditions accuracy is around 0.01%. These accuracies are obtainable from 0 - 50 degrees C.

The unit is normally operated from batteries and requires 6v at .785 amps for filaments and 140v at 22 ma for h.t.

Often mains supplies are fitted internally.

The frequency meter is supplied with a calibration book, which is applicable to that particular instrument only. The book and unit should have matching serial numbers.

These devices are used for calibrating receivers and transmitters. They are also useful for alignment purposes. A crystal oscillator is provided as a check point for the calibration of the internal variable oscillator. Check points are noted in the calibration book. To use the crystal oscillator to calibrate the variable oscillator, headphones are used in conjunction with the calibration adjuster to obtain zero beat at the closest check point to the frequency required.

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