WS-128 Transceiver

Wireless Set 128 - July 1945

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General Description

The WS128 is a low power portable equipment to provide RT, CW and MCW communication within an infantry battalion or similar unit.

It is a combined transmitter/receiver complete with an internal HT/LT battery (162v/3v) when operated as a manpack.

The set covers the range 2.0 - 4.5 MHz and may be locked to any frequency using the 3 position flick mechanism. The transmitter is automatically adjusted to send on the same frequency as the receiver. In addition, 3 crystal controlled channels are provided.

WS-128 Case

Technical Data

Range on ground wave is 10 km.

The valve line up is as follows:

V1A 1R5Mixer 
V1B 1R5 OscillatorOscillator/Mixer
V2A 1T41st IF Amp 
V2B 1T4 2nd IF/AudioSidetone RT
V2C 1T4RF AmpBuffer Amplifier
V2D 1T4Net Only1600kc xtal oscillator
V3A 3A4 Modulator
V3B 3A4 Power Amp
V4A 1S52nd Det/BFOAudio Amp RT, Osc MCW

IF Frequency is 1600 kc

The WS128 was approved for production in July, 1945, but did not apparently appear on the scene before the war had ended.

The set is very popular with collectors and represented a vast improvement on what had been available locally during the war years. The cases on the set have suffered over the years owing to their light weight construction and very battered looking 128 sets are unfortunately the norm.

The sets were "ready to go" on 80 metres and no doubt many have made their way onto the ham band.

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Illustrations of the set

WS-128 Bottom view WS-128 Top view WS-128 Dial

WS-128 Connections WS-128 Plate

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