WS-58 Mk 1

Wireless Set No 58 Mk 1 (Canadian) 1943

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General Description

Wireless Set No 58 (Canadian) is one of a number of sets developed during WW2 for short-range R/T communication in forward areas. Other similar sets, all originally based on the specifications of the British Army WS18, include the Australian 108 Mk2 and the U.S. produced WS48.

Technical Data

The set, like the others above, covers the frequency range 6-9 MHz. It is for use on AM only, with a superhetrodyne receiver using an IF of 456 kHz. The transmitter has a power output of 0.3 watts.

The range of the set is given as 3 miles with a 6 foot rod, 5 miles with a 12 ft rod, 4 miles with a telescopic aerial and 2 miles with a 25 ft ground aerial. The set weighs 14.5 lbs, with an additional 15.5 lbs for the backpack containing battery and accessories.

The battle battery supplies 180/90volt HT, 1.5 volt LT and -21 volts grid bias battery.

The transmitter uses 2 1299A and a 1S5, while the receiver uses a 1T4 as the RF Amp, 1R5 osc/mix, 1T4 IF Amp, 1S5 Det/avc/AF amp and 1S5 AF Output.

The sets can also be powered by a vibrator unit type SC-999-F, which is powered by 2 volt accumulators.

This set is very rare in Australia, as the locally produced 108 set (Radio Corp. Victoria) was used by the Australian Army.

Illustrations of the set

WS-58 close up

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