Wireless Set No 62

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General Description

The Wireless Set No62 is a tropicalized sender/receiver (with facilities for AM, RT and CW) primarily for use as a mobile station.

The set can be configured for three operating modes: Vehicle/Animal, Manpack and Trailer use.

The range depends on the aerial in use. Using a 14' aerial the approximate ranges under very good conditions are:

Stationary:         CW 25miles         RT 15miles
On the Move:     CW 20miles        RT 10miles

Technical Data

Frequency Range: 1.6 - 10.0 Mc/s (MO or Crystal control). Crystal frequency is 460kc above signal frequency.

The performance of the set on frequencies above 8 mc/s is poorer than on lower frequencies because of:

         1. Reduced Sender output on both MO and Xtal.
         2. Increased frequency drift on both send and receive.

Crystal control is possible using 3 different types of crystal - CR1, 10x and FT-243. This operates on both send and receive.

In addition to normal tuning, there is a flick mechanism for the purpose of setting up any 2 spot frequencies on the main frequency control. BLUE was used as the net frequency and RED as a spare.

Power Supply: The set is operated from a 12v battery. This battery provides power for the valve heaters and for the HT generator. This generator is a small rotary machine housed with its components in a screening box which is flexibly mounted within the main chassis of the set.

The set draws the following currents at 12v.
         Send (RT) 4.2A
         Send (CW) 4.5A
         Receive (all on) 3.2A
         Listening Watch (Receive on) 2.6A

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