ZC1 Transceiver

ZC1 Mk II Wireless Set (NZ)

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General Description

The ZCl Mk 2 was produced in New Zealand during WW2. Large quantities were sent to the U.K. to assist the Empire war effort, as is evidenced by adverts in the UK radio magazines shortly after the war.

These sets are quite rare in Australia, as a similar role was taken by the No 19 Mk 2 so they were not used here.

ZC1 Close up

Technical Data

The set featured separate sender and receiver and covered the frequency range 2-4 mc/s and 4-8 mc/s.

Sender power did not exceed 2 watts.

The set was designed for CW, MCW and RT.

A flick mechanism was provided for rapid frequency change, as in the 19 set.

The power supply was 12 volts, supplied by 2 6 volt 85ah batteries. H.T. was supplied by a built in vibrator supply. Power consumption was 2.8 amps on receive, 3.8amps on standby, 4.4 amps on CW send and 4.9 amps on send RT or MCW. ZC1 Dial

The set could be used in a ground role or be vehicle mounted. A remote control unit was available for remote or switch board operation.

The valve line-up was as follows:
        V1A-G 6U7G
        V2A 6K8G
        V3A 6Q7GT
        V4A-B 6V6GT/G

Many of these sets were extensively converted by ZL hams for use on 80 and 40 metres, a common modification being to use an external 240v power supply and the substitution of the 6V6 tubes with 6L6s for additional output power.

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