Australian Military Radio Sets WWII

This list covers most of the Australian manufactured military radio equipment used during World War II that collectors are likely to find. It includes receivers, transmitters and transceivers. Examples of nearly all of them are on display in the Kurrajong Radio Museum while those described in detail on this site have been linked to their respective pages.

Year       Type No       Manufacturer       Service use
1939       WS101       AWA       Army
       WS109       STC       Army
1940       3BZ C6770       AWA       Army
       AR7       Kingsley       RAAF
       C6940 Series       AWA       Navy
       FS6       AWA       Army
1941       AR8       AWA       RAAF
       AR12       Radio Corp       RAAF
       WS108 Mk1       Radio Corp       Army
       WS108 Mk2       Radio Corp       Army
       WS109 Mk2       STC       Army
       WS208 Mk1       Radio Corp       Army
1942       AR14       Radio Corp       RAAF
       ATR2B       Radio Corp       RAAF
       ATR2C       Radio Corp       RAAF
       ATR4A       Radio Corp       Army
       ATR4B       Radio Corp       RAAF
       RS1 (AR7)       Kingsley       Army
       RC8       Radio Corp       Navy
       C7000       AWA       Navy/Marine
       Wavemeter 'C'       AWA       Army
       WS11       AWA       Army
1943       AMR100       AWA       Army
       AMR200       Eclipse       Army
       AR17       Radio Corp       RAAF
       RS4       Philips       Army
       WS19 Mk2       AWA       Army
       WS108 Mk3       Radio Corp       Army
1944       A679-H       STC       Navy
       AMR101       AWA       Army
       DR106       Philips       Navy
       V5       Aust Sound Sys       Amenities Rx
       WS22       Radio Corp       Army
       WS112 (AR8)       AWA       Army
       WS208 Mk2       Radio Corp       Army
1945       5V15       Stromberg Carlson       Amenities Rx (Battery op)
       6A15       Stromberg Carlson       Amenities Rx (AC op)
       AMR300 (A679-K)       STC       Navy
       C17020       AWA       Amenities Rx (AC op)
       WS122       Radio Corp       Army

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