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This is an index covering only radios described in pages on the website. There are many more in the museum itself.

To find a radio, just scroll down the page, use the links above to jump to a section or use your browser's "Edit - Find (in this page)" search facility.

The Miscellaneous section covers items such as test gear and antennas.

Click on an entry to go to a page giving photographs, technical and historical details of the radio and often a circuit.

Australian Equipment

Note that a list of Australian WWII military radio equipment is included on the site. It covers some sets not described on the website but exhibited in the museum.

WWII List of Australian manufactured Radios (1939-1945)
A22 Field Intensity Receiver (1942)
A510 Wireless Station 2 - 10 Mhz (1953)
AR7 RAAF ground receiver 125 Khz - 25 Mhz (1940)
AR8 RAAF airborne MF/HF receiver (1941)
AR14 Aircraft receiver 111Khz - 15 Mhz (1942)
AR17 VHF communications receiver (1943)
AMR300 Communications receiver (1945)
ATR2B RAAF Transceiver (1942)
ATR4 RAAF Transceiver (1939)
Wireless station "Australphone" Z1/ZAA0520 army transceiver (1950s)
AWA C6770 Communications receiver (1940)
AWA C6940 Marine Receiver (1940)
AWA C17020 Australian Army Amenities Service Receiver (1945)
AWA CR-3D 3C95150 (Argosy) Communications receiver (1957)
AWA CR-6B Communications receiver (1961)
MTR1 Mk2 Army HF transceiver (1967)
RA7915 OTC Fixed frequency HF receiver (1970s)
Reception Set No 4 (1943)
Reception Set No 8C (1945)
Transmitter/receiver TRP-1 (1949)
RAN Tuner C Receiver (WWI 1917)
Wireless Set WS-11 Army HF mobile transceiver (1942)
Wireless Set WS-62 Army HF mobile transceiver (post WWII)
Wireless Set WS-108 Army HF manpack transceiver (1941)
Wireless Set WS-128 Army HF manpack transceiver (1945)
Wireless Set WS-208 Army CW HF transceiver (1941)

American Equipment

Collins 51J-4 military communications receiver (1957)
APN1 USAAF/USN Radio Altimeter(WWII)
APR4/APR4Y USAAF/USN Search receiver 38 - 4000 mhz (1944)
ARN6 airborne radio compass (1950)
ARN54/ADF14 airborne RDF receiver (WWII)
ARR-3 VHF Sonobuoy receiver (WWII)
BC-348 USAAF airborne HF receiver (WWII)
BC-357 USAAF 75 mhz airborne marker beacon receiver (WWII)
BC-611/SCR536 Army walkie-talkie (1960s)
BC-639A USAAF AM VHF receiver (WWII)
BC-683 US Army VHF FM Receiver (1942)
BC-966 Mk 3G IFF airborne transponder (WWII)
BC-1000 FM manpack transceiver (1945)
BC-1206 airborne LF Range receiver (WWII)
DZ-2 CRV-46152 Aircraft Direction Finding Equipment (WWII)
AN/GRC-106 military single channel mobile HF station (1970s)
MN26 Bendix airborne radio compass (WWII)
R392/URR army HF communications receiver (1954)
R1051/URR USN HF receiver (1964)
RA-1B Bendix HF aircraft receiver (WWII)
RBJ-4 National USN communications receiver (WWII)
SCR-274N USAAF airborne Command receivers (WWII)
SCR-274N USAAF airborne Command transmitters (WWII)
SCR-522/BC624 USAAF VHF airborne receiver (WWII)
SCR-522/BC625 USAAF VHF airborne transmitter (WWII)
SCR-522/IE19-36 test sets for BC624/625 (WWII)
SCR-578 Gibson Girl liferaft transmitter (WWII)
SP600/R274 USN Communications Receiver (1951)
SR-209 VHF/UHF surveillance receiver (1965)
URM-32 Frequency Meter (1957)
TA-12 Airborne MF/HF transmitter (WWII)
TCS USN small craft transmitter/receiver (WWII)
TRC-1 Army VHF receiver (1944)
WJ-8709 HF communications receiver (1982)

British Equipment

730/4 ZA 51262 - Eddystone communications receiver (1950s)
1680 Series - Eddystone MF/HF single channel receiver (1983)
A43R Army manpack UHF transceiver (1960s)
ARI 5206/53 RAF airborne transmitter (1944)
ARI 5206/78 RAF airborne receiver (1944)
C42 Army "Larkspur" mobile VHF wireless station (1950s)
CODAR Short Wave Pre-amp (1955)
IFF Mk3 (Ground)/APW4790A RN responsor (WWII)
Loop Set British Army type B Mk II (WWI)
EKCO Mariner cabin receiver (1963)
MCR1/36/1 "spy" miniature communications receiver (WWII)
PCR Army amenities receiver (WWII)
R107 Army communications receiver (WWII)
R145 Redifon communications receiver (1959)
R1132 RAF ground VHF receiver (1940)
R1155 RAF airborne communications receiver (WWII)
R1224A RAF ground HF receiver (1942)
R1392 RAF single channel VHF receiver (WWII)
R208 Army HF/VHF receiver (WWII)
RA217 military communications receiver (1970s)
RDF No1/ZC13312 Army IFF receiver (WWII)
RF Amp No2 MkII Army (WWII)
T1154 RAF MF/HF airborne transmitter (WWII)
TR1196 RAF HF aircraft transceiver (WWII)
Wireless Set WS-18 manpack HF transceiver (WWII)
Wireless Set WS-19 Mk III Army mobile HF transceiver (WWII)
Wireless Set WS-38 Mk III manpack HF transceiver (WWII)
WS-62 Transceiver

Other Country Sets

941-SWB HF receiver (1941) (NZ)
CM11/TM11 Marconi RCN Transmitter/Receiver (1942) - Canada
CSR-5A Marconi Communications Receiver (WWII) - Canada
FU G-16 RX E-16 Luftwaffe VHF airborne receiver (1942) - Germany
WS-52 Army HF Duplex receiver (1943) - Canada
Wireless Set WS-58 Mk 1 Army HF transceiver (1943) - Canada
Wireless Set ZC1 army transceiver (WWII) - New Zealand

Test Equipment & Miscellaneous

Aerial Outfit AJE 225 - 400 mhz (1951) - Royal Navy
No 10 Calibrator for WS-62 (post WWII) - Australia
LM USN Frequency Meter (1939) - USA
TS323/UR VHF/UHF Frequency Meter (WWII) - USA
Class "D" Wavemeter army (WWII) - UK

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